Lesbian Cheerleaders

Lesbians like to have car sex too, so we've compiled some of the best positions for two women to get it on in an automobile. You don't have to be a cheerleader to try these out, but it helps to be limber. Give me an O! - for Orgasm.

Backseat 69

This comfortable position lets you both muff dive at once. One partner lays across the rear seat with legs slightly spread. The other crouches over her on hands and knees facing the opposite direction. Line up your lips and your clits, and get to munching those rugs.

Strap-on Doggy Style

This is guaranteed to steam up the windows. One woman crouches on hands and knees across the back seat, while the partner wearing the strap-on dildo gets in behind her, kneels on the seat and pokes her doggy style. You can leave one door open a bit if you need more room.

Backseat Back Bend

This position is ideal for cunnilingus. One woman sits in the middle of the back seat. The other places her feet on the rear seat on either side of her partner and arches backward between the two front seats. This should position her pussy squarely in her partner's face. She can support herself by bracing her hands on the front seat, and her partner in the back seat can help by holding up her ass.

Front Seat Frontal

This intimate position allows you and your girlfriend to gaze into each other's eyes. The partner wearing the strap-on dildo sits in the front passenger seat. The other woman sits on her lap facing her, and sinks down onto the cock. She should kneel on the seat with legs on either side of the seated partner, to get leverage for riding the dong. Doing this in a convertible means you won't bump your head on the roof.

Humpin' on the Hood

The woman wearing the strap-on stands while the other partner sits on the hood of the car. The seated partner may need to brace her feet on the bumper and scootch her butt forward a bit to get in position to receive the cock. The standing partner can lean forward on the hood of the car or grasp her partner's butt or waist. Let the car cool off a bit if you need to, so you don't burn your buns.