While Driving

NOTE: These illustrations  were performed by professional cartoon stunt drivers on a closed course. These positions are unsafe at any speed. We can't advocate engaging in sex acts while operating a moving vehicle.

Sit on My Lap

Let her do the driving. You may need to move the seat back or adjust the steering column to make room. The male partner operates the foot pedals and shifts, while the woman takes the wheel. If she leans forward slightly, she can grind into his lap, but take care not to lay on the horn or deploy the air bags.

Face to Face

Again the woman is seated on top, but this time facing her partner. Although this position is very romantic and lends itself to hugging, caressing, deep kissing and longing gazes, we strongly advise you keep both hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road if your vehicle is in gear.

Reach Over

This is the basic front seat blowjob. The woman leans across from the passenger side and sucks the man. In most cases, both partners can keep their seatbelts on, making this a safer on-road position. It's also more discreet, since the woman is out of sight, but don't be surprised if you get the thumbs-up from big-rig truckers.