In the Front Seat

Getting in Position: Depending on the amount of head and leg room in your car, and whether it is a standard or automatic transmission (stick shift or not), it may be difficult for one partner to climb across the front seat to the other side of the car. In these cases, one person may actually have to get out of the car and enter the other side, then close the door once the partners are in position.


The missionary position of motoring. The woman is in the passenger seat, which is reclined as far as possible. The man gets on top of her, with his feet on floorboards, between her spread legs. The woman may have her feet on the floorboards, or if there is room, raise her knees and rest her feet on the dash.


This time he reclines in the passenger seat, with her on top astride. The woman controls the action as she rides his cock. Good position for cars with less leg and head room, but she needs to take care not to disengage the parking brake with her knee.